OHTO - Super Promecha 1500P - Mechanical Pencil - 0.3mm - Silver

SKU: OH-PM-1503P
The Promecha series from OHTO are top-of-the-range mechanical pencils with clever design and functions.

The Super Promecha 1500P in 0.3mm silver is a step up from the Promecha 1000P. It is made from almost 100% metal (aluminium & brass) and has a textured grip to securely hold the pencil. Similar to the Promecha 1000P, the Super Promecha's lead sleeve is fully retractable by turning the grip, and extends up to 5mm (ideal for using as a drafting pencil) or can be set to partially extend between 0 and 5mm (for writing purposes). In addition to this, it has the unique feature of a rotary control inset just above the grip that adjusts how much lead is dispensed with each click of the push-button - between 0.2mm and 2mm. It also features a removable pocket clip, lead grade indicator in the push-button, and a replaceable eraser with clearing pin. Also available as a 0.5mm pencil.

OHTO was established in Tokyo, Japan in 1929 and began manufacturing high quality dyes & inks. The company has a long history of ink manufacturing as the founder of OHTO, Nakata Tozaburo, worked for the ministry of finance and invented a special ink for Japanese banknotes. Mr. Nakata went on to develop the first ballpoint pen manufactured in Japan in 1949. After the success of their 'Auto-Sharp' ballpoint pen, OHTO went on to design and manufacture the world's first rollerball pen in 1964.

The OHTO range now includes the original ballpoint and rollerball pens, as well as a range of writing instruments that suit your every need, from mechanical pencils to graphic liner pens, plus ceramic rollerballs, fountain pens and multi-function pens. OHTO continue to expand on their almost 100-year history of ink & writing instrument production by designing and developing new innovative products.
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QUANTITY: 1 x mechanical pencil 
LEAD SIZE: 0.3mm 
LENGTH: 15.1cm 
MATERIALS: Aluminium body, brass, SK material 
SOURCE: Designed & made in Japan

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