NoteMaker has changed to...Milligram

NoteMaker changed to Milligram for our 10th birthday in 2017!

We realise this feels like a big change, but please don't be concerned — our service and stationery range will stay the same — only better!

'How and why' we hear you ask....

A new physical store for Melbourne

We’re very excited to finally be able to announce that we’ll be opening our own physical stores — with the first at Melbourne Central
(Level 2, Lonsdale Street)
in November.

Milligram customers have been asking for this for many years, so you'll finally have the chance to look, touch and see our range in person.

We'll keep scouring the globe for fantastic stationery and life tools and be able to share with you online and in our stores.

Milligram Melbourne Central

A whole new range — by us!

But that's not all. You know we love stationery as much as you do (ok, possibly even more #stationeryaddicts!).

We already work with amazing brands every day. Yet sometimes there are items or features we know you'll want, but we can't find them for you.

So...drumroll please...we’ll also be launching a small but exciting range of our own products too — designed here in Melbourne and named Milligram Studio!

We'll be starting with three styles of 2018 diaries — the 'non diary' diary, the weekly agenda diary and the family diary. Two of these styles we worked on with the very talented Melbourne designer Beci Orpin. 

We're also launching three awesome notebook ranges. All feature fountain pen friendly paper and we've got ruled, blank, grid and, that most coveted of page styles in each range: dot grid.

Shop the Milligram Studio range online.

Finally, we've created some very cool desk accessories, with one range in cork terazzo and the other in folded metal.

But why the new name?

Over the last few years we’ve added areas like lighting, prints, storage and bags to NoteMaker – and our customers have been enjoying these additions.

So as our range has evolved beyond the pure note-taking (pens and paper) sphere, it felt like the right time to reconsider our name.

This was well timed with the move to creating our own range too. So we spent a long time finding the right name— one that highlights our attention to the tiniest detail and close to our paper-loving hearts — was needed.

It’s been an amazing journey – thanks to the support of passionate customers and amazing brands. Stationery will still be at the firm core of what we sell, complemented with fun or exceptional lifestyle tools.

We want you to love Milligram as much as you’ve loved NoteMaker, so we’ll be sharing lots of news and goodies with you very soon.

When is this all happening?

Now! We've transitioned from to We'll be emailing customers, updating all our social media identities and keeping everyone in the loop all the way.

Our first Melbourne store will open at Melbourne Central on Saturday 4 November. Our next stores will open in the second half of 2018.

Thank you!

For your support and your mutual love of exceptional stationery, design and quality. We couldn't have done this all without you! We will keep you in-the-know about these exciting developments as they happen.

We’ve also got a Q&A below if you want more information on what’s happening. We'll still be stocking all your favourite brands, like Moleskine, Delfonics, LAMY and so many more!

Shop your favourites at Milligram

We've got diaries, plenty of notebooks, stylish lifestyle accessories and all of the writing instruments to choose to from. 



Will you still be focussed on stationery?

Absolutely! We’re a team best described as “stationery-obsessed”. So our focus will continue to be stationery and we’ll also be sharing selective other lifestyle products we find in our global and local explorations. We want to be a place you come to find what you need – but also a place to discover something new.

Will your Friends for Life program change?

No, all the benefits will stay the same - but you'll be able to enjoy them across the online store and our physical stores.

Will all my account data, history and wishlist stay the same?

Absolutely! We're not changing how we operate at all - just our name and URL. Our new URL is

Why Melbourne for the store?

We'd love to open shops everywhere, but our team, office and warehouse are all in Melbourne. So our first store will be close to home and, if you don't live in Melbourne, dare we suggest it's a great place to visit!

Will you be launching less new brands now that you're making your own range?

Absolutely not! We're not re-creating the wheel with our own products – we're looking to fill gaps where we can't find exactly what we're looking for (or you, our customer, has been asking for). So we'll keep bringing you exciting releases each month from other amazing brands.

What's going to be different when you're Milligram?

Very little will change in terms of what we do. We'll still be the same team, same brands, same passion for product. We will have a new logo and look - and our social media identities will also be changing. Your emails will also be coming from rather than Plus, we'll have some of our own products on the site and have the physical stores. We'll also be able to launch some cool new collaborations with brands and artists under the Milligram brand.

When is the name change happening?

It has happened! Please bear with us as we make the changes to the site – there may be the odd teething issue in the first day or so (sorry in advance) but we expect it will be all running smoothly very shortly. 

When is your first store opening?

We will be opening our doors at Melbourne Central, Level 2 on Lonsdale Street on Saturday 4 November.

But we really loved the NoteMaker name — did you really have to change it?

We loved NoteMaker too! But it was chosen ten years ago when we were really only focused on pen and paper. That's still close to our hearts - and yours - but our range really has extended beyond this over the years. So with the other exciting changes happening, it felt like the 'right' time to udpate our name. It's not something we did lightly and we worked on the new name and look for a looooong time. Change is always a little hard — but a little exciting too.

If you have any more questions, please email us at