Monteverde Fountain Pen Nib - Suits Invincia Fountain Pens - Stub

SKU: sae974

The heart of any fountain pen is its nib and this is a real beauty! The Monteverde Fountain Pen Nib is eye catching in its size, colour and style!

Not just beautiful, it is also a marvellous piece of technology designed to ensure a smooth writing experience. This whole nib unit screws into your pen and is easy to change over yourself. It is a flexible stainless steel nib which is both durable (consistent over time) and really lovely to use.

This nib has a stub point (for Italic) and suits Monteverde Invincia fountain pens.

SUITS: Monteverde Invincia Fountain Pens
MATERIALS: Stainless Steel
WIDTH: Stub (for Italic)
SOURCE: Designed in USA. Made in 1 of 5 factories around the world.

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