Midori - Traveler's Notebook Refill - Elastic Cord Kit - Set of 6

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SKU: MI-14304

This pack comes with green, gold, orange, brown, red and black elastic enabling you to change the appearance or replace old elastic on your Midori TRAVELER'S Notebook.

You can even replace the rubber on the leather cover that holds the notebook or the rubber band that holds the cover.

The kit is of great to have handy in case your rubber band breaks, or just if you'd like to customise your notebook.

QUANTITY: 1 x Set of 6 Elastic Cords. Includes 2 x Fasteners. 
SUITS: Midori Traveler's Notebooks 
FEATURES: Contains green, gold, orange, brown, red and black elastic. Replace old elastic on your TRAVELER'S Notebook or to customise your notebook.

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