LAMY - Fountain Pen Nib - Italic 1.1mm - Stainless Steel

SKU: LM-P015F_1.1

The LAMY Fountain Pen Nib is made of high-quality stainless steel. It’s available in different sizes: choose the perfect nib size for your ink, paper and writing style. It fits the Lamy Safari, Vista, Al-Star and Joy Calligraphy fountain pens. 

The LAMY Fountain Pen Nib is easy to replace yourself and is incredibly long lasting, with performance of the highest quality. Make your LAMY safari last a lifetime by replacing the nib whenever you need to.

QUANTITY: 1 x Fountain Pen Nib

NIB: Italic 1.1mm

SUITS: fits all LAMY fountain pens except the LAMY 2000

MATERIALS: stainless steel

SOURCE: Made in Germany

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