LAMY - Safari Fountain Pen - Medium

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The LAMY Safari Medium Nib Fountain Pen is a worldwide bestseller – and for good reason! It is an excellent example of master craftsmanship and functional design.

Originally created for young writers and designers, the LAMY Safari uses a bright and simple colour scheme. Its sturdy construction and sleek styling will appeal to lovers of good design.

Made from ABS plastic and fitted with a flexible chrome clip, the LAMY Safari is virtually impossible to break. The ergonomic moulded grip means it sits comfortably and easily in the hand – it was designed for long hours of student note taking!

Suits LAMY T10 Giant Ink Cartridge and LAMY Z28 Ink Converter.

QUANTITY: 1 x Fountain pen
LENGTH: 13.8cm
NIB: Medium
INK: Blue
REFILL: LAMY T10 giant ink cartridge or a Z24 LAMY converter and bottled ink.(Not Included)
MATERIALS: Stainless steel, sturdy ABS plastic & chrome
SOURCE: Made in Germany. Designed by Wolfgang Fabian.

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Looks great, writes well! Review by Tyson
I bought one of these pens to use for school - with a red ink, to replace my red pen (I have a LAMY CP1 for heavier writing). I really love the look and overall feel of the pen, and bought it with a medium nib - my other pen has a fine nib. It's incredibly smooth, so much so, that I will be switching the nib to my other pen. Whilst I love the smoothness and the look of the pen, I have noticed that bubbles in the feed are quite common. This is not a deal breaker, and I have only noticed it since I am using a transparent one, with a converter - most likely why I have bubbles. The clip is sturdy, but if you plan on clipping this pen to anything thick, you can forget it, as there is too much resistance. A shirt pocket, or the front of a textbook will be fine, but a hardcover diary, or a jumper may not be clippable. Overall though, I am thoroughly impressed.

P.S. I am using this with a z27 converter, although they are listed as incompatible, it works perfectly, with no leakage, and looks far nicer than the z28 - I would recommend it over the z28 if you plan on using a converter in a transparent pen, as the red of the z28 can be a little alarming. (Posted on 21/09/2017)
Great pen for beginners! Review by Anna
Popular beginner fountain pen because of it's reliable functionality, quality and relatively low price. However I preferred the weight and look of Lamy's LX range. (Posted on 14/06/2017)
Loving it Review by Sabrina
Lamy fountain pens are my absolute favourite, this must be my fourth or something Lamy fountain pens, can't really keep up with the counting. I've used Pilot, I've used Kaweco, Hero, and lesser known brands such as Campo Marzio, but seriously, Lamy is the best.

The writing experience is amazing, Lamy pens write super smoothly, even when I use italic nibs. It is recommended though to soak the nib or run it under water when you first get the pen, because Lamy inks are pretty thick, so without soaking, the first few days of writing might be less smooth.

The body of the pen is not too light nor too heavy, even though the plastic material looks not as fancy as the metallic build of Campo Marzio, Lamy pens do not look cheap at all, unlike the Kawecos that sometimes can look really cheap, especially relative to their prices. Lamy pens look rather professional, modern and well-designed. If you choose the colour right, they look super cool too. Like this one, the gloss black, or the lilac is pretty good too. And Lamy Joy pens are absolutely gorgeous, even though they are very unusually shaped.

From years of using Lamy, I found the only slight problem with it is its click on lid. This might pose problems with frequent flyers, but I've taken Lamys on the plane plenty of times, I don't recall them ever leaking, probably because Lamy inks are really thick. But they do give me some anxiety, that's all... (Posted on 14/06/2017)

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