LAMY - econ Ballpoint Pen

SKU: LM-econ-ballpoint

The LAMY econ ballpoint pen has an exquisite, streamlined design that highlights the quality of the materials used in manufacture as well as the elegance of the writing experience it offers.

Designed by Austrian design house EOOS, the aesthetic is pure simplicity. The simple design has a sandblasted stainless steel barrel that is smooth and comfortable to touch, metal tip and clip and a subtle placement of notches to help guide your hand to the optimal writing position.

The LAMY econ ballpoint pen refills with LAMY giant refill M 16.

QUANTITY: 1 x Ballpoint Pen
LENGTH: 13.8cm
INK: Black
TIP: Medium
REFILL: LAMY M 16 giant ballpoint pen refill
MATERIALS: Sandblasted stainless steel, metal.
SOURCE: Made in Germany. Designed by EOOS.

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