LAMY - Dialog 3 Fountain Pen - Extra Fine - Black

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The LAMY Dialog 3 range features the stunning designs of Franco Clivio, resulting in pens that are unique in the way they function and endlessly pleasurable to use every day.

This Dialog 3 pen is a rare design indeed - a fountain pen with no cap! Instead a clever twist-action allows the rhodinised 14kt gold nib to retract and a valve protects the nib from dirt and drying.

Even the clip is a fascinating design feature on this pen. When the nib is twisted out the clip retracts into the barrel, so as to not get in the way of your writing. When you finish writing and retract the nib, the clip raises back out again.

The LAMY Dialog 3 comes in a case made of beechwood.

Refill with either LAMY T 10 cartridge refills or with bottled ink using a LAMY Z 26 converter.

QUANTITY: 1 x fountain pen
NIB: Extra fine
INK: Blue
REFILLING MECHANISM: T10 Cartridges or bottled ink with a Z26 LAMY converter.
LENGTH: 13.6cm
MATERIALS: 14Kt gold nib, palladium, stainless steel body
SOURCE: Made in Germany. Designed by Franco Clivio.

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