LAMY AL-STAR Mechanical Pencil, Graphite

SKU: LM-126
The LAMY AL-Star design is identical to the iconic LAMY Safari collection, however it’s constructed with aluminium for a wonderfully sleek finish. This mechanical pencil sits at the pinnacle of LAMY’s young writing range and is specially designed to aid the writer to develop good penmanship habits. It features a nearly indestructible brass-wire chrome-plated pen clip, eraser and a strong, lightweight body.. This mechanical pencil refills with LAMY M41 lead refills and the eraser can be replaced with LAMY Z18 erasers.
LEAD: Black, HB, 0.5mm
REFILL: LAMY M41 refill.
LENGTH: 13.8cm
MATERIALS: Aluminium, plastic
SOURCE: Made in Germany
DESIGNER: Wolfgang Fabian

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