LAMY - AL-star Fountain Pen - Extra Fine

SKU: LM-al-star-fountain-EF

The LAMY AL-Star design is identical to the iconic LAMY Safari collection, however it’s constructed with aluminium for a wonderfully sleek finish.

This LAMY AL-Star fountain pen has a nib of polished stainless steel and uses a LAMY T10 giant ink cartridge or a Z28 Ink converter and bottled ink.

Laser engraving of your name or logo is available as an additional option for this pen.

This pen sits at the pinnacle of LAMY’s young writing range and is specially designed to aid the writer to develop good penmanship habits. It features a nearly indestructible brass-wire chrome-plated pen clip and a strong, lightweight body and cap as well as an ink window to easily see when the ink requires refilling.

QUANTITY: 1 x Fountain Pen.
LENGTH: 13.8cm
INK: Blue
NIB: Extra Fine
REFILL: LAMY T10 giant ink cartridge or Z28 LAMY converter for bottled ink.
MATERIALS: Aluminium, stainless steel, chrome & plastic
SOURCE: Made in Germany. Designed by Wolfgang Fabian.
NOTE: Laser engraving of your name or logo is available as an additional option for this pen.

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My favourite fountain pens! Review by Alex
I own a shameful amount of fountain pens, from cheapies to the +$300 range, and Lamy Al-Stars are by far my favourites. The nibs can be changed with simply a light pull, and every nib size (EF, F, M, B, 1.1, 1.5, 1.9) is fantastic. I highly recommend picking up all of the nib sizes (including italics) to experiment with, and also a Lamy Z24 cartridge converter is a must - it lets you use any bottled ink, which brings out the best in your Lamy!
Al-Stars are that extra bit more durable, attractive, and fancy compared to a standard Safari, and they hold a lot of ink, are extremely comfortable, and come in awesome colours. Sweet pens! (Posted on 10/07/2015)

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