Koh-I-Noor - Kneaded Eraser 6422 15

SKU: KIN-6422-15
A compact, kneadable eraser, made of non-vulcanised rubber, in it's own case. The stickier style of this eraser is suitable for erasing dry pastel chalks and charcoals.
Founded in Vienna in 1790, Koh-i-Noor Hardmuth is one of the oldest and foremost names in pencils and other high quality art supplies. It features an extensive range of pencils, chalks and charcoals as individual units and sets.
QUANTITY: 1 x Eraser (6422 15)
SIZE: 4 x 2.5 x 1 cm (eraser)
FEATURES: Comes in a protective container.
SOURCE: Czech Republic

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