Kaweco - Limited Edition Skyline Ballpoint Pen - Retractable


We're excited to offer these pens on Milligram - they're not retro in styling, they're actually FROM the 80's. Unearthed recently in Germany at Kaweco HQ, these pens are the very last of their kind. They look pristine and work perfectly - but they're over 30 years old!

Available in three bright 80's colours, these are great everyday pens - or even something for your collection if you like your pens to be unique!

The Limited Edition Kaweco Skyline retractable ballpen is compact - just 10.5cm in length - and light, making it the perfect pen to carry with you.

Kaweco Skyline ballpoint pens are refilled with standard international mini refills.

QUANTITY: 1 x Ballpoint pen
LENGTH: 10.5cm (retracted)
TIP: Medium
INK: Blue
REFILL (if applicable): Refillable with standard international mini refills
MATERIALS: Terlux Plastic, Nickel Plated Trim
SOURCE: Made in Germany

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