Kaweco - Liliput Ballpen - Eco - Brass Wave

SKU: KW-10000885_R
Liliput is a great traveller's pen - compact, thin, lightweight and super smooth to write with. Brass has been valued since ancient times for its beauty and durability. The Eco brass wave ballpen contains no lead in the formula of the brass, so the pen will age more like copper than regular brass. Slight colour variations occur naturally, the appearance of each Liliput pen may vary from the photos, and the colour may not be uniform throughout the pen. Over time, the colour will deepen as the brass oxidises, creating a natural patina. The retractable ballpen is very compact - 9.8cm in length.
QUANTITY: 1 Pen in Tin Gift Box
STYLE: Ballpen
LENGTH: 9.8cm
INK: Blue
REFILL: Any D1 size refill 
MATERIALS: Aluminium
SOURCE: Made in Germany

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