Kaweco - Classic Ink Ball Rollerball Pen

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First designed in the 1930s, the German-made Kaweco Sport is a compact, reliable pen with an excellent vintage-meets-contemporary look.

This white pen is very compact - 10.5cm when capped / 13.3cm with the cap is removed and ‘posted’ on the end of the barrel for writing. It's a wet-flowing ink system that gives you the smooth feel of a standard roller ball pen, yet won't dry out when left uncapped. Kaweco Classic rollerball pens are refilled with standard international cartridges.

The German-based company Kaweco has a long history: over 130 years of producing excellent writing implements.

QUANTITY: 1 Rollerball Pen in Tin Gift Box
LENGTH: 10.5cm (14.1") capped. 13.3cm (5.2") posted.
TIP: Medium nib
INK: Black
REFILL: Can be refilled with standard international cartridges.
MATERIALS: ABS Plastic, Gold Plated Trim
SOURCE: Made in Germany

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Brilliant design - uses Ink Cartridges instead of Rollerball Inserts! :D Review by Annette
The design of this pen is innovative to say the least. I've been an appreciator of fine writing instruments all my life and was given my first fountain pen when I graduated High School (45 years ago) - a Kaweco as it happens, and I still use it to this day. So when I took a holiday travelling through Europe a few weeks ago, I decided a Rollerball might be more convenient than my usual Fountain Pen, but it had to be a Kaweco. Imagine my delight when I discovered that I could use my Fountain Pen's ink cartridges/ink converter with this amazing little writing instrument! Now I carry it with me everywhere (and I've bought another from Notemaker for the office) and keep my fountain pens for home use.
Another interesting thing I've discovered, is that depending upon how you hold the pen, you can get either a bold, medium or fine impression on the page. In every way this is a pen of distinction, and for a very reasonable price. (Posted on 13/07/2015)
Rollerballs -Do or Die! Review by Ozscrnwriter
Over three decades ago, Ron Walls was the CEO of Sheaffer Australia, his son was star in the AFL and I was a partner in their Ad Agency in Melbourne. Ron taught me that I was marketing writing instruments not pens and I learned how to photograph gold and silver.
Then I had to launch a whole new concept …the roller ball. After an ad campaign that was so successful it was taken around the world; Ron presented me with silver/gilt Targa Rollerball that I still have till this day.
I still write … I went on to make my living out of it in LA on both the small and the big screen … on a computer … but I plot and outline on a pad [or in my Moleskin notebooks] with my latest rollerball …a series of Kaweco Classic Ink Rollerballs!
I love them, they fold up to fit in my pocket and are truly cartridge refillable. I also own a couple of Lamy’s in classic yellow and have recently trialed a Classic Cap Moleskin Rollerball that fits in my Notebook …. Both are first class writing instruments. My Sheaffer Targa sits on the same shelf as my CLEO and Awards and is only used to sign my Christmas cards each year.
However, Kaweco …you own me …and poor Ron is probably spinning in his grave!
(Posted on 10/07/2015)

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