Kaweco - Calligraphy Pen Writing Set - White

SKU: KW-10000232

The Kaweco Calligraphy Pen Writing Set is everything you need to make your writing more beautiful than ever! It contains the amazing Classic Sport black fountain pen fitted with a calligraphy nib (1.1mm). Also included are 3 easy-to-interchange nibs in different widths (1.5mm, 1.9mm, 2.3mm). These nibs are not 'rounded' like conventional nibs. They are 'oblique' nibs and the way they are cut gives you narrow vertical lines and broad horizontal lines. 

Also included is a handy 'How to' booklet to get you started. There are 2 packs (12 cartridges) of black Kaweco fountain pen ink and three protective rubber nib holders to transport the nibs.

The calligraphy pen writing set comes in a padded gift box and is an excellent gift for the budding or curious calligrapher!

QUANTITY: 1 x Calligraphy Set containing 1 Classic Sport Fountain Pen with 1.1mm nib, and 3 nibs in Tin Gift Box LENGTH: 10.5cm capped; 13.3cm with cap 'posted' NIB: Stainless Steel (1.1, 1.5, 1.9 and 2.3mm Italic) INK: Black REFILLS: Standard international ink cartridges, such as J Herbin or Kaweco MATERIALS: ABS plastic barrel; stainless steel nib. FEATURES: 1 Pen / 4 Nibs / 2 Packs of Ink / How to Booklet / Padded Gift Box SOURCE: Made in Germany

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Kaweco - Calligraphy Pen Writing Set - White