Kaweco - AL Sport Fountain Pen - Medium Nib - Raw

SKU: KW-10000629_R

First designed in the 1930s, the German-made Sport is a compact, reliable pen with an excellent vintage-meets-contemporary look. We highly recommend this pen - the quality is excellent, it’s durable and it is a little bit of pen-design history.

The pen is very compact when capped – at 10.5cm it slips easily into a pocket or purse. When the cap is removed and ‘posted’ on the end of the barrel it extends to 13.3cm, a comfortable length for writing.

The 'raw' finish on this pen refers to the unsealed aluminium barrel. This will form a patina that reflects its care and use and is designed to subtly scuff and mark to make it truly your fountain pen. 

The AL Sport is one of the best of the Sport range. The barrel is polished by hand and feels smooth and light. It has a screw cap and a stainless steel, iridium-tipped nib made by the Bock family of Heidelberg, Germany. These nibs are famous for their consistency. An iridium tip protects the nib from abrasion by contact with paper.

QUANTITY: 1 Pen with Tin Gift Box
STYLE: Fountain Pen
LENGTH: 10.5cm
NIB: Metal (Stainless Steel), Iridium Tip
INK: Blue
REFILL: Standard Cartridges
MATERIALS: Aluminium
SOURCE: Made in Germany

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