J. Herbin - Wax Seal Gift Box - Fleur de Lys

SKU: JH-46001T

The J. Herbin Wax Seal Gift Box is a great present for lovers of stationery and tradition who like to put a modern twist on things.

The gift set contains a brass seal of the classically French and highly popular Fleur de Lys symbol and two sticks of traditional wax in timeless colours.  The traditional wax is a harder wax, great for adding a beautiful, lasting touch to multiple projects. 

Packaged in a box with a clear lid, the set includes a brass seal of the Fleur de Lys symbol, a varnished wood handle, and two sticks of traditional sealing wax, one burgundy and one ivory.  Each stick of wax makes approximately 10 seals. 

CONTENTS: 1 burgundy traditional wax stick / 1 ivory traditional wax stick / 1 Fleur de Lys brass seal / 1 wood handle
SOURCE: Made in France

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Beautiful quality Review by Sarah
I bought this as my first wax and seal, and took to it instantly. I have since been gifted another set (Harry Potter themed, quaint but much lower quality) and it has increased my appreciation for this set. The wax is slow to melt but it doesn't dry too fast, and the seal settles in and pulls out smoothly, with no smudging. The fleur-de-Lys is a classic symbol, timeless, and sits subtly at the close of my letters. This set is elegant and high quality. (Posted on 22/03/2017)

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