J. Herbin - Wax Gun

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SKU: JH-48200

The J. Herbin Wax Gun is the optimal way to produce bulk numbers of wax seals. 

The low-temperature wax gun allows for an easier, cleaner, and quicker way to make seals.  The wax for this gun is semi-flexible, ideal for the post. 

The wax gun is ideal for use with J. Herbin Wax Gun Sticks. 

POWER SOURCE: Includes Australian/New Zealand power adaptor

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Winner! Review by Tim
I'd ummed & ahhed about the whole wax seal thing for a while. After all, isn't it all a bit pretentious? Then I got given a couple of seals for Christmas! Now I'm a real convert! Wax seals are a) a simple was of adding a little bit of personality to your letters, b)indicate that you've spent time, effort and energy in writing to someone and c)are just plain fun to use!
The J. Herbin wax gun (really just a generic gun with a Herbin sticker on it) takes a lot of the mess & fuss out of the process. I've found it much easier to deliver consistent, neat & awesome wax circles to stamp.
My only complaints are that the cord is quite stiff & makes it hard for the little gun to stay balanced on its stand, and it's a little tough to store, because it always has a wax stick hanging out the back of it.
Still, a real winner! (Posted on 10/07/2015)

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