J. Herbin - CreaPen 'Pinceau' - Refillable Paintbrush - Black

SKU: JH-20540T
The elegant brush tip and fine synthetic bristles in this refillable paintbrush has plenty of bounce, offering a wider range of line widths that is ideal for more advanced calligraphists and steady hands. 

The plastic body is long and lean reminiscent of a paint brush, and are refillable with three cartridges of light-resistant black ink, which is waterproof once dry. The ink is very fluid and light-resistant and is perfect for calligraphy, writing and illustration. 

J. Herbin is the oldest name in pen inks in the world, dating back to 1700 when Herbin opened a small boutique in Saint-Germain, Paris. These inks are among the best in the world. From Napoleon Bonaparte to Victor Hugo and Coco Chanel, J. Herbin inks and sealing waxes have been used by conquerors, novelists, designers and dignitaries for over 300 years. Today, their vibrant colours and long-lasting pigments ensure J. Herbin continues to be the foremost choice of ink for calligraphy writers and fountain pen users around the globe.
QUANTITY: 1 x refillable brush pen
LENGTH: Uncapped - 16cm, capped - 17.5cm
REFILLING MECHANISM: J. Herbin Ink Cartridges for Refillable Marker and Brush
FEATURES: 3 black ink cartridges INCLUDES
MATERIALS: Light-resistant, waterproof black ink.
SOURCE: Made in France

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