J. Herbin - Bottle Ink - 50ml - Marie Antoinette

SKU: JH-15366T
This 50ml bottle of J. Herbin ink is inspired by one of history's most famous women – Marie Antoinette. 

The rose petal-coloured ink is delicate and yet vibrant – ideal for writing letters or completing artistic projects. It comes with a handy calligraphy booklet, and the bottle is topped with a wax seal monogram of Marie Antoinette. 

This ink is designed to be used with fountain pens. 

J. Herbin is the oldest name in pen inks in the world, dating back to 1700 when Herbin opened a small boutique in Saint-Germain, Paris. These inks are among the best in the world. From Napoleon Bonaparte to Victor Hugo and Coco Chanel, J. Herbin inks and sealing waxes have been used by conquerors, novelists, designers and dignitaries for over 300 years. Today, their vibrant colours and long-lasting pigments ensure J. Herbin continues to be the foremost choice of ink for calligraphy writers and fountain pen users around the globe.
QUANTITY: 1 x bottle of ink
SIZE: 50ml
SUITS: Fountain pens
MATERIALS: Natural dyes
SOURCE: Made in France

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J. Herbin - Bottle Ink - 50ml - Marie Antoinette