Great Escapes Africa - 2019 Edition

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Discover the iconic landscapes and hidden gems dotted across the African continent with Angelika Taschen in the 2019 edition of Great Escapes Africa. Perfect for planning your own country-hopping adventure or for simply living vicariously through stunning photographs and first-hand accounts, this guide offers a unique insight into the many and varied splendours of Africa.

From the Mediterranean Sea to the Indian Ocean, the vast Sahara to the Cape Verde archipelago, Africa offers a lifetime of travel adventures. Whether you’re a wide-eyed newcomer or an ever-returning visitor, the continent promises 54 extraordinarily diverse countries, urban creative hubs, pristine night skies and wildlife, as well as a momentous sense of our human past.

In this visual journey through Africa, discover glimpses of postcard-ready landscapes, rich culture, and incredible interiors, all spied through the doorways and windows of the continent’s most stunning hotels. Angelika Taschen takes you to hidden gems across Mozambique, South Africa, and Ethiopia; from a Tanzanian coffee plantation, where guests can enjoy the ultimate Arabica brew in breathtaking surroundings; the iconic Mount Nelson Hotel in Cape Town, painted pink at the end of the First World War and host to many meditators since; to the moving Serengeti Safari Camp, boasting of just a handful of tents that follow the migrations of wildlife all year round.

In this updated guide, discover each hotel through crisp photography as well as key information including directions, contact details, and recommended reading for each destination.
INCLUDES: 1x Hardcover bok
PAGES: 360 pages
DIMENSIONS: 24cm x 30cm

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