Donation requests

Here at Milligram, we love to share our love of stationery and support local charities and community groups. Each year we receive a large number of requests for charitable support, and unfortunately we are not able to support every request, as much as we’d like to.

We’ve outlined below some guidelines that you should review before contacting us. Please note, we can provide in-kind support only and are not able to provide any cash donations.

Are you instead proposing a business sponsorship or partnership? Visit this page.

What we try to support when we can

Our key focus in support is areas like literacy, education and creativity. Charitable and community organisations/initiatives that contribute or support:

• Literacy & education programs and initiatives
• Community or school events with literary or artistic focus
• Local (Melbourne) health and welfare organisations
• Special interest areas aligning with Milligram’s brand

Please note we cannot make any financial contributions, but are happy to provide door prizes. In return, we would ask to be credited in promotional activities and have support recognised at events and via social media, where possible.

What we are unable to support

• Personal Sponsorships / Scholarships
• Political Groups
• Religious Organisations
• Non-Australian charities

Your donation request needs to include the following details:

• Who you are. Describe your organisation's goals and activities.
• Why we should get involved.
• Key details of your sponsorship/donation request.
• Timelines and any important deadlines.
• List of sponsors you have to date (if any).
• Relevant contact details.

Please note, we may not be in a position to help in the exact way that you have requested, but all applications are carefully considered and we will do our very best to assist in some way.

To apply for support from Milligram, please email your request to

Please note, last minute requests cannot be met. We can ONLY consider your application if it’s at least FOUR WEEKS prior to when your event or campaign commences.