Diplomat - Excellence A - Fountain Pen - White Pearl

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A beautiful, high-quality fountain pen, the Diplomat Excellence A pearlescent fountain pen is the epitome of style. 

With a hand-engineered, medium stainless steel nib, and a shimmery pearl white body with chrome trim, this pen is simply stunning– perfect for the office or home study, or an excellent gift for special occasions and milestones. 

Designed with ease of use in mind, the Excellence A fountain pen comes with a complete nib assembly, which means the nib is permanently attached to the feeder, and simply screws into the body of the pen. This makes it simple to change nibs and ink, and you can have a range of nib assemblies on hand to suit specific writing needs. 

The snap on cap has a superb fit, and seals the pen very well. With the cap posted, the pen is well-balanced and extremely comfortable in the hand, making for a smooth and precise writing experience.  

Handmade in Kierspe, Germany, since 1922, Diplomat pens are constructed using traditional methods and extremely high-quality materials– they are some of the finest writing instruments on the market today. Respected globally for their superb craftsmanship, a Diplomat pen is a classic investment that only gets better with age.

    QUANTITY: 1 x fountain pen
    COLOUR: White pearl
    LENGTH: 13.7 capped, 12.9cm uncapped, 15.3cm cap posted
    NIB: Medium
    REFILL MECHANISM: Standard rotary piston converter 
    REFILL: universal/international cartridges 
    MATERIALS: Lacquer, stainless steel, chrome
    SOURCE: Handmade in Germany 

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