Diplomat - EasyFLOW Ballpoint Pen Refill - Blue

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SKU: DIP-D20000524

This EasyFLOW medium ink refill in blue suits Diplomat ballpoint pens. With a medium stroke thickness, this refill writes smoothly and consistently. 

Featuring amazing EasyFLOW refill technology, the ink does not dry out, readily flowing even if you leave the cap off for an extended period of time. It runs like a rollerball, and dries instantly!  

The refill is stable up to altitude of 4000 metres above sea level, stable up to temperature of 40 degrees celsius and writes for 3000 metres– perfect for travel! 

Handmade in Kierspe, Germany, since 1922, Diplomat pens are constructed using traditional methods and extremely high-quality materials– they are some of the finest writing instruments on the market today. Respected globally for their superb craftsmanship, a Diplomat pen is a classic investment that only gets better with age.

QUANTITY: 1 x ballpoint refill
SUITS: Diplomat ballpoint pens
LENGTH: 10.2cm
SOURCE: Made in Germany 

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