De Atramentis - Boxed Gift Set - Kapitalis Quadrata - Black Ink

SKU: DA-5003
A gift set from De Atramentis, including a 35 ml bottle of black ink and a 'traditional' writing instrument. De Atramentis is a handmade range of inks from Germany, available in a huge variety of colours and types.

De Atramentis is a small family business, headed by Dr Jansen. He became passionate about inks after inheriting a family treasure in the form of a 17th century ancestor's Pharmacist's book detailing how to create inks. After four years of testing, the first inks were produced in 1995 with several hundred inks now in the range - and all still handmade.

Any fountain pen enthusiast, notary, artist or ink lover is going to want to own several of these fantastic quality inks.
SIZE: Gift box 105mm x 235mm
CONTAINS: 35 ml bottle ink, carved bamboo and black gift box
SUITS: Any fountain pen that has refillable cartridges
SOURCE: Germany

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