Craft Design Technology - Tradio Plastic Fountain Pen - Red Ink

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A truly affordable fountain pen from CDT.

This flexible, plastic-nibbed fountain pen makes writing a pleasure. This pen features Pentel's innovative capillary ink system, which flows smoothly and evenly until the last drop of ink is used. You'll get 1,000 metres of writing from this pen!

As with all CDT products, this has been produced in partnership with a leading Japanese manufacturer, in this case Pentel.

Craft Design Technology (CDT) combines modern design with Japanese heritage of traditional craft and technology, the result being high quality essential everyday stationery.

This is item 20 in the CDT range.

QUANTITY: 1 Fountain pen
LENGTH: 14.5 cm capped, 13cm uncapped, 16cm cap posted
NIB: Broad
INK: Red
REFILL: Includes 1 black ink cartridge. Additional refills can be purchased (CDT MLJ20-B Red Ink Refill)
SOURCE: Designed in Japan

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