Craft Design Technology - Metal Scissors

SKU: CDT-940-LIPH4-022-scissors

Inspired by a fine samurai sword, dare we say it...yes, these scissors are sexy! Produced from brushed steel that looks stylish but also ensures a sharp edge for perfect cuts.

Featuring a universal design that is usable in both the right and left hand. These scissors feel solid and heavy in your hand - they are the sort of scissors that gets the job done.

As with all CDT products, this has been produced in partnership with a leading Japanese manufacturer, in this case Lion. They are based in the Gifu prefecture of Japan, known for producing traditional, fine samurai swords.

Craft Design Technology (CDT) combines modern design with Japanese heritage of traditional craft and technology, the result being high quality essential everyday stationery.

This is item 25 in the CDT range.

LENGTH: 18cm
MATERIALS: Brushed Steel

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