Craft Design Technology - Ink Pad Red - Amber

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SKU: CDT-940-SHPH2-004A

Aiming to be "the most beautiful ink pad in the world", this ink pad was produced in collaboration with Shachihata Inc., the most famous ink pad manufacturer in Japan. At Milligram we think they've done a pretty great job of meeting that aim!

The design is inspired by Japanese sweets, and the cap is created in the image of shrines and temple roofs. The ink in the pad is red ink.

Craft Design Technology (CDT) combines modern design with Japanese heritage of traditional craft and technology, the result being high quality essential everyday stationery.

This is item 05 in the CDT range.

QUANTITY: 1 Ink pad
COLOUR: Red ink
SIZE: 6cm base diameter, 6.5cm cap diameter, 2.5cm height (capped)
SOURCE: Designed in Japan

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Craft Design Technology - Ink Pad Red - Amber