While we're always happy to help you with smaller bulk orders, we find that sometimes it's better to deal with an expert when it comes to large corporate orders and exclusive customisation. Milligram is proud to introduce you to another member of the family - Telegram Custom Projects.

Telegram Custom Projects provides exclusive customisation possibilities using the world’s best design stationery brands. We create elegantly branded products designed specifically for your business, project or event. 

With a lineup of desirable stationery goods including Moleskine, Clairefontaine, O-Check Design Graphics and Palomino, we will align your business with the perfect stationery partner that best represents your values and philosophy.

Working with our hand-picked and proven roster of designers and printers we transform our existing product ranges into beautiful individual editions. If your project calls for a completely new product, we can also work directly with our brands to build you a truly unique stationery item.

With an enormous selection of design led products and techniques, we are the perfect partner for your customisation project.

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