Cinqpoints - Archimetric - Sketchbook + Tools - B5 - Plain - Black

When you're fussy about scaled drafting you need a sketchbook that enables precision, and the tools to deliver, just like this Cinqpoints Archimetric Sketchbook, in everyone's favourite colour Ñ black.

The sketchbook comes with pages scaled at 1/100 and 1/50 as well as plain pages for additional grid-free sketching. This sketchbook also comes with a scale ruler, set square, protractor and bookmark.

Designed as a tribute to the art of architecture, Cinqpoints is a French stationery brand created by architects. With a focus on creating timeless and playful objects, Cinqpoints is a nod to the five points of modern architecture mentioned in the Le Corbusier and Pierre Jeanneret manifesto, Les cinqpoints d'une nouvelle architecture.
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QUANTITY: 1 x sketchbook, 1 x scale ruler, 1 x set square, 1 x protractor, 1 x circle, 1 x square

SIZE: B5 (17 x 24 cm)

STYLE:1/100 grid, 1/50 grid plus unlined pages.

PAGES: 202

MATERIAL: Paper (120 GSM), cardboard cover (600 GSM), elastic

SOURCE: Designed in France.

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