Brush Lettering from A to Z: A Fun and Comprehensive Guide to Creating Modern Calligraphy with a Brush Pen

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Please note, this book does not come with a brush pen.

Brush lettering is taking the world by storm - just look at Instagram! So it's you've wanted to learn how to brush letter, this book is a grea too. It's a fun and thorough introduction, with the author taking you from brush lettering basics to its amazing possibilities!

Start with the staple strokes that are the foundation of brush lettering, then progress to forming letters, words, and finished pieces.
Learn different lettering styles and how to combine them.
Pick up tips and tricks for embellishing your lettering and arranging your words to create maximum impact.
Experiment with advanced techniques and tools such as flourishing, 'fauxligraphy,'' depth effects, watercolor, paint brushes, and more.
Finally, take on a bunch of awesome brush lettering projects.
QUANTITY: 1 x book
SIZE: 23.5 x 19.05  x 1.91 
PAGES: 160
FORMAT: Hardback
PUBLISHER: Peter Pauper Press
ISBN: 9781441327079

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