One of Milligram's most popular products is wax seals. Wax seals are available in symbols, in initials or custom designs can be created. We've made wax seals for everything from weddings to baby showers to craft projects!

melt wax with wick

What are wax seals?

Wax seals are engraved metal pieces that, when pressed into wax, leave an impression of the engraving. It adds a polished finishing touch to anything from correspondence to home-made jams!

What are wax seals used for?

People order wax seals for all sorts of purposes, from finishing wedding invitations, to envelope seals, to producing certificates, for craft, cooking and more. We've even use wax seals to create chocolate seals – check out the DIY Chocolate Wax Seal Tutorial on this blog. 

What types of wax are there?

There are four types of wax you can use with wax seals.

1. Traditional wax with wick – These look somewhat like a candle, with a central wick you light and burn, allowing the wax to drip and melt. This wax looks the most stylish but is brittle, so can't be sent in the mail. These are sold individually and are available in various colours.

wax with wick

2. Flexible wax in sticks – These wax sticks can be melted with a lighter or in an oil burner and then spooned out. The wax is flexible so can be used for correspondence. These come in sets of four and various colours.

flexible wax

3. Wax for wax gun – These are specifically made for use with a low heat wax gun. The sticks are made from a flexible wax that won’t break or chip, so you can send it on the back of an envelope or other posted articles. The wax gun sticks are also a great option for creating embellishments and adding decorative accents on greeting cards, gift packages, invitations, scrapbook pages and even glass bottles. These come in sets of six and a range of colours.

wax for guns

4. Sealing wax – These are a higher end quality of wax as a stick that simply melts with an oil burner or by placing a spoon over heat.

Tip: You can add an additional flourish to wax seals using a powdered ink pad for wax seals. To use the pad, gently press your seal on top of the inking pad before stamping it onto the wax. The powdered ink creates a deeper contrast in the design of your seal – the design of your seal will be the wax colour, and the background (flat wax) will the colour of the powdered ink: gold or silver.

How to use flexible wax sticks

Through the photos below, you can see the traditional wax being used to add a seal to a gift tag. You melt the wax onto the surface, then you place the seal onto the wax to create your seal.

Tips for use:

  • The wax melts very quickly, so be ready to act fast!
  • You should leave the seal sitting in the wax until it's hardened

wax with wick

seal in wax

wax seals in use

wax seal example finished

How to use wax in a wax seal gun

You turn on the wax seal gun and allow it to heat up. Then you load one of the sticks and depress the lever to release the wax slowly. You then place the seal onto the wax to create your seal.

J Herbin wax seal gun

Tips for use:

  • You should leave the seal sitting in the wax until it's hardened
  • This wax is flexible, so suits correspondence and also many craft projects.

wax and wax gun

wax seal

wax seal complete


 A few more wax seal usage ideas....

wax seal on jam

wax seal on place setting

wax seals bag demo

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