The dot grid is a relatively rare page 'ruling' – but one that many people swear by! In fact, we regularly get Milligram customers asking what else we have in dot grid. Dot grid has also become more popular as people who are keen to try bullet journalling are seeking the perfect dot grid notebook.

So what is a dot grid notebook?

It's a page 'ruling' on a notebook or notepad – or more accurately, a page marking on your notebook. It's an alternative to plain, ruled or grid. A dot grid notebook features pages with a series of dots in rows, usually quite faintly marked, which have the suggestion of a grid pattern. It is really the chameleon of page ruling – depending on how you want to use it, it could be a rule, squared or almost plain. The image below shows a notebook that features dot grid on the left and ruled on the right. It's immediately apparent how 'unimposing' the dot grid rule can be – it's quite hard to spot in photographs! Dot grid vs ruled

Why use dot grid notebooks?

Dot grid has really come into its own with the rise of bullet journalling. The official website, and inventor of bullet journalling, recommends a dot grid notebook. The Behance Action Method notebooks and journals also include dot grid pages. Dot grid can be ideal as a guide for practicing handwriting and hand lettering, with the subtle guide allowing you to control the height and width of letters. Dot grid is also popular with those needing to make technical sketches – or simply those who like a slight bit of structure to a page without being constrained by lines. When people are fans of dot grid, it often becomes the only style they'll use! It's likely due to it's versatile and chameleon-like nature!

What are the most popular dot grid notebook brands?

Rhodia dot grid Rhodia pads are loved by designers and architects – and the most popular ruling in the pads is dot grid. Rhodia paper is fountain pen friendly and the dot grid rule is particularly faint on these. Rhodia dot grid pad Moleskine dot grid Not all Moleskine releases come in dot grid, but the core range of Moleskine Classic does. Moleskine actually refer to it as 'dotted' – but it is dot grid. The dot grid on Moleskine is a little more pronounced. Moleskine dot grid Leuchtturm1917 dot grid Leuchtturm has many fans, largely due to its fountain pen friendly paper. Many of their core collection notebooks come in a dot grid. Also, their very popular Bullet Journal notebook comes in dot grid. Bullet journal dot grid leuchtturm1917 Field Notes dot grid Field notes release quarterly 'Colors' Editions and sometimes these come in a dot grid (like Lunacy pictured below). The dot grid is quite noticeable on these notebooks. They have a dot grid about every third or forth releases, so be sure to keep your eye out! Field Notes Lunacy Behance Action Method notebooks These notebooks and journals have 'zones' and the largest area is made up of dot grid ruling. Behance dot grid

 Public Supply dot grid notebooks

Public Supply are a US brand with a noble cause – supporting art education in public schools. They also make some fab quality notebooks – and have dot grid amongst their range. Public Supply Dot Grid notebook Le Petite Paperterie Francaise dot grid Dot grid is part of the Pleasant notebook range from Le Petite Paperterie out of France. However, this is a great one to try dot grid out on – since it's half ruled, half dot grid. The "Useful" notebook is also half dot grid and half grid. le-petite-papertier-dot-grid

How do you use your dot grid notebook?

Do you like dot grid? What do you enjoy about this page ruling? Shop Dot Grid notebooks at Milligram.