Chocolates are a Valentine's Day staple, but if you're looking for something more substantial, Hey Tiger has got you covered. Designed in collaboration with online icon Flex Mami (aka Lillian Ahenkan), Hey Tiger's latest limited edition release gives you a bit more to chew on.

Flex Mami (a.ka. Lil Ahenkan) sitting in front of a peach backdrop, wearing jeans and a white singlet top with a brown striped blazer draped over her shoulders

Alongside the ethical handmade chocolate that the Melbourne maker is famous for, you'll find three exclusive cards from Flex's ReFlex conversation card game, designed to challenge your thinking and draw out some interesting conversations. A multidisciplinary millennial, Flex Mami is something of an expert on tackling the big questions, from her podcast Bobo and Flex (sample episode title: "is it ethical to lie to kids?") to the wide-ranging dialogues she has on social media. The questions she regularly asks on her Insta Stories led her to develop ReFlex, which throws down questions like "What did you learn too late in life?" or "If you had the option to become immortal, would you?" to help you dig a little deeper with loved ones, housemates or Tinder dates.

Hey Tiger Full Flex Milk Chocolate bar laid on a white surface. Its tesselating triangular shapes sparkle gently with glitter, while the overturned chunks next to it are dotted with colourful sprinkles

Flex Mami's collaboration with Hey Tiger focuses that playful-yet-challenging spirit on the relationships that make up our lives, including the often-overlooked relationship with ourselves. Her extremely extra Full Flex chocolate invites you to look inward with honest and tenderness while you enjoy some deliciously-extra milk chocolate with sprinkles and edible glitter, while the smooth vegan Flex Mami X Game Changer challenges you to consider your relationship with the wider world. If you're keen for a proper chat, though, Flex Mami X Best Mates is a great way to kick off a D&M with your bestie while you munch on some coconut and caramelised popcorn chocolate and chew over what it means to be a friend. 

The combo of chocolate and good conversation is hard to beat, so grab a block and spend some time with someone special (even if that special someone is you!).

Hey Tiger Flex Mami x Best Mates Milk Chocolate