Leaving 2020 behind gets more appealing every day, so now's the time to turn your eyes to the future, and imagine what the new year will look like for you. To help you prepare for 2021, you need the right diary – that's where we step in. With a range of planners, diaries and calendars from some of the world's best-loved brands (as well as some of the stationery world's best-kept secrets), we've got plenty of options to choose from, so let us walk you through some of our favourites and find the perfect planner for you.

Hobonichi – the cult favourite

Hobonichi planners open to show the daily page, which includes that date, the day of the week, the phase of the moon, and a grid layout page

People who know diaries know Hobonichi. The Japanese brand's simple yet carefully polished layouts make planning intuitive, and the eye-catching covers are an extra bonus for the true diary obsessive. Be quick, though – Hobonichi diaries never last long!

Our favourite? The Techo Original, which offers a clean, clear daily layout with gentle guidelines that you can use however you like as you make your diary your own. Team it with stencils or a pencil board, and you'll make your diary unique in no time.

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Studio Milligram – the innovator

Open view of a Studio Milligram 2021 Weekly Agenda Diary


Developed by our own in-house stationery maestros, Studio Milligram diaries take what they call a "measured design" approach to planning. The result is a range of diaries that do things a little differently. Take, for example, the Agenda Diary – crafted with productive (or would-be productive) people in mind, this unique format an overview of the week on the left, while the right side combines bulleted lists and dot-grid note space to help you set goals, remember important details, and stay on track.

Carla McRae Art covers for Studio Milligram 2021 diaries

This year, Studio Milligram Art series features designs by Melbourne-based artist and illustrator Carla McRae, whose expressive, colourful covers offer a calming, contemplative respite from the frenetic pace of daily life. 

Silk screen-printed by hand, Carla's art pairs beautifully with the linen cover  to make every aspect of Studio Milligram's diaries a sensory delight. Or go for the simple, unbeatable elegance of a navy cover, available on our range of spiral-bound diaries, a new addition for 2021. 


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Moleskine – the icon

Moleskine Daily Diary, open to show the daily view

Often imitated but seldom replicated, Moleskine is synonymous with notebooks, and for good reason – styled after classic notebooks from years gone by, their timeless sophistication makes Moleskine diaries a solid option year after year. The Moleskine Large Hard Cover Daily Diary is always one of our best-sellers, and the 2021 edition is no exception. Durable and equally at home in your handbag as in a suitcase, every aspect of Moleskine's Daily Diary has been refined over decades to deliver a clean, easy-to-use planner. Whether you like to plan out every hour, love checking off daily to-do lists, or just love reflecting on everything that the end of the day, a Moleskine has got you covered.

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Delfonics – the humble giant

A stack of Delfonics 2021 Rollbahn diaries with yellow, blue, pink and dark blue covers

If you were looking for the world's best diary, you might be forgiven for overlooking Delfonics. Their low-key designs with simple, complementary colour palettes and clear, uncluttered layouts don't demand your attention – and that's how they like it. Delfonics prefers to whisper where others shout, each diary carrying itself with the same quiet confidence of their legendary notebooks. The gentle grace of, say, the Rollbahn Spiral-Bound Diary belies the meticulous design that went into it over the years, with constant refinement leading to a superbly intuitive diary that's a joy to use on every level.

Delfonics is easy to underestimate, but fans who know the brand will never choose anything else.

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MiGoals – the achiever

What do you want out of your year? MiGoals asks the tough questions, then gives you the structure to help build the habits that get you closer to where you want to be, bit by bit. Whether you want to work more efficiently, train harder, commit to personal growth or just remember to drink more water, the inspirational 2021 Bold Goal Digger Weekly Action Diary pushes you to accomplish what you set out to do.

MiGoals' Goal Digger diary, open to a page with asking you to reflect on your values and purpose

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Rifle Paper Co. – the sweetheart

Featuring Anna Bond's trademark illustrations, full of evocative floral imagery and whimsical typography, Rifle Paper Co. adds a unique charm to your planning. Since you're going to spend a whole year with your diary, why not choose one that makes you smile each time you look at it? And, more than just a pretty face, the 2021 Spiral Bound Planner is just as elegant on the inside, with clear, helpful layouts that make it easy to keep track of your week, and the essential things to tick off your to-do list. 

Rifle Paper Co. diaries stacked up, some open to show the inner pages

Want this kind of grace on display at home all year? Rifle Paper Co. also do gorgeous calendars for your wall and desk, with delightful designs all their own. Check out the range here

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We could go on, but sometimes exploring for yourself is half the fun of choosing your new diary. You'll find plenty of surprising, delightful and beautifully-refined options in our Diary range, and if you have any questions, feel free to ask us.