Kimmy Hogan is a Victorian artist who left a career in graphic design to pursue her passion and create digital art. Full of earthy colours and lush botanical imagery, Kimmy's art captures the loose, natural textures of traditional oil paintings, so when we were designing the Studio Milligram Christmas collection, she was the first collaborator on our list.

Artist Kimmy Hogan

We spoke to Kimmy about her art style, her creative process and what inspired her designs for the Studio Milligram Christmas collection.

We are so excited for this year’s Studio Milligram Christmas collection. Are you able to tell us about the concept behind the designs of the collection?
I’m excited too! The concept is all about celebrating our Australian flora – we spend too many Christmases with cards and decorations designed for white snowy Christmases! I wanted the illustrations to feel rich and abundant so they were fitting for the season.

Milligram Christmas collection 2019

This Christmas collection uses digital art to create the beautiful illustrations of native blooms. What is digital art and how did you figure out your signature style?
Digital art is tricky to explain! A lot of people think it is something ‘computer generated’ but for me it’s quite the opposite. I draw everything with hand motion digitally so it has that loose organic feel. I let the lines be imperfect which is what makes it look hand drawn. It took me years of experimenting to develop this look and I think that is what makes my artwork unique.

Kimmy Hogan at work

A lot of your art centres around plants and flowers. What is the process behind creating new artworks?
I’ve always been drawn to flowers and plants. A lot of my inspiration is drawn from nature, it is an endless resource of beauty. I usually start with a drawing in my journal to map out shapes and composition, then move to the computer. Every single line and curve is drawn one at a time, and I colour as I go. Once the main illustrating is done I can then start tweaking colour and scale until it all just works.

What is your favourite item from the Studio Milligram Christmas collection?
Oh, how could I pick?! The bon bons and gift tags are a no brainer – they will definitely be on my list! But the ceramic baubles and napkins are such a beautiful touch to a Christmas celebration and something you can keep for years to come. And they make a beautiful gift idea too.

Ceramic baubles – Milligram Studio Christmas collection

What are your plans for Christmas this year?
My husband and I are originally from north Queensland so all of our family is based there. But for the first time ever they are coming to us! We are hiring a giant house/mansion in St Kilda to accommodate all 14 of us for five nights – I expect it to be a crazy, hilarious and memorable Christmas!!

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