Let's face it – Mums deserve to be spoiled. Whether they're your biological Mum, a work Mum, or someone who took on the Mum role in your life, Mums do more for us than we can ever repay. To help you show how much they mean to you, we've assembled a few of our favourite ways to say, "thanks Mum".


A stylish accessory

Mum deserves to look good, and feel good too. Rifle Paper Co.'s charming fabric scrunchies bring the brand's beloved floral designs to Mum's wardrobe, making it easy to brighten up an outfit with a pop of warm, playful colour. 

Rifle Paper Co.'s Scrunchie in Marguerite print

We love the sunny Marguerite print, but there's a range of seasonal designs to suit every Mum's style. And if your Mum isn't into scrunchies, you can grab the same fun prints on their Knotted Headbands for a different but equally delightful outfit option.

Check out Rifle Paper Co.'s Scrunchies



Better than flowers

Flowers are a Mother's Day staple, but they only last a few days before they lose their lustre. For something more enduring, go for the Luna Vase from Japanese brand Kinto. A gorgeous design feature in its own right, the glass-and-brass Luna Vase will also help keep a flower or two from your Mother's Day bouquet looking fresh and vital.


Kinto's Luna Vase on a table, holding a pair of rose buds


The smaller size is perfect for displaying a short-stemmed flower or two on a desk or your coffee table, while the large has room for more striking, long-stemmed blooms.

Check out Kinto's Luna Vase



A getaway at home

Inspired by the scents of Australia's untamed landscape, Studio Milligram's Sensory range is a beautiful way to bring the rugged scents of the outdoors into your home. 


Studio Milligram's Sensory range {img: Volcanic Rocks, Essential Oil, Japanese Incense, Scented Candle and Interior Scent]


From the forest fragrances of Overland and Study of Trees to the mysterious atmospheres of Nocturne and Ultra Violet, you'll find the perfect scent to lift Mum out of the everyday and into somewhere more exotic.

Check out the Studio Milligram Sensory collection



Something to chew on

Chocolate's usually a safe bet for Mother's Day, but why not give Mum something to stimulate their mind as well as their tastebuds? Developed in collaboration with the internet's own Flex Mami, the glitter-and-sprinkles combo of Hey Tiger's Full Flex milk chocolate comes with a set of 3 prompt cards to get Mum in a reflective mood. 

Hey TIger's Full Flex milk chocolate in its checkered red-and-pink box with the ReFlex prompt cards poking out from underneath

Designed as companions to Flex's conversation card game, ReFlex, these cards are a great way to help Mum put themselves first for once, all while enjoying some delicious (and ethical) chocolate.

Check out Hey Tiger x Flex Mami's Full Flex Milk Chocolate



Some 'me' time

As the great philosophers Smashmouth taught us, the years start coming and they don't stop coming. Especially for a parent or carer, it can be easy to let time get away from you, which is what makes Rifle Paper Co.'s 5 Year Keepsake Journal Set so special.

Rifle Paper Co.'s 5 Year Keepsake Journal

Handsomely bound with fabric and presented in a stylish gift box, this journal set saves Mum from wondering where the years went. Recording the events and key moments of each day, this set shows Mum just how much they've grown year after year, and keeps alive all the lovely memories that can't be forgotten.

Check out the Rifle Paper Co. 5 Year Keepsake Journal Set



A splash of green

As autumn takes hold, adding a little greenery can really help to warm up a room, and a ceramic planter really adds to that experience. The warm tones and natural textures of Arcadia Scott Ceramics' Fluted Planter are a lovely companion for an indoor plant, so grab Mum a succulent or a monstera and pop it in one of Arcadia's hand-crafted planters for a gift that Mum will treasure for years.

Arcadia Scott Ceramics' Fluted Planter in Rust finish

And if your Mum doesn't have much of a green thumb, you can always grab Melbourne-made cups and mugs instead. As with everything Arcadia makes, no two pieces are quite alike, so Mum's present is one of a kind.

Check out Arcadia Scott Ceramics' Fluted Planter



Time for a cuppa

If your Mum would rather spend an afternoon with books than begonias, Rifle Paper Co. has the perfect reading companion for a chilly afternoon.

Rifle Paper Co.'s Porcelain Mug with Book Club design

Detailed with gold trim, the Book Club Porcelain Mug is decorated with painterly versions of classic novels, from Little Women to Great Expectations to The Wonderful Wizard of Oz, making it a perfect present for a Mum who's To Read pile never seems to go down. 

Pair it with Calming Tea Pyramids from Victoria blender Love Tea to give Mum a cosy afternoon curled up with a good book.

Check out Rifle Paper Co.'s Porcelain Mug



The write stuff

Self-care isn't just about taking it easy – creative hobbies are an important way to look after yourself, and Mums need that as much as anyone. So give Mum the chance to flex some creative muscles with a charming introduction to the world of calligraphy courtesy of German pen legends, LAMY.

LAMY Joy Calligraphy Set, presented in a custom gift box

The Joy Calligraphy Set includes a fountain pen with three interchangeable nibs to create different letterforms, and plenty of ink to get them started. Team it with a Calligraphy Practice Notebook, and Mum can dive headfirst into the wonderful world of hand-lettering in no time.

Check out the LAMY Joy Calligraphy Pen Set



A creative approach to organisation

If Mum loves hand-lettering, a bullet journal is a great place to put that into practice. And since Mums are, as a group, the busiest people on the planet, having a fun and inviting way to stay organised is just the ticket.

An open bullet journal with a handwritten habit tracker, surrounded by washi tape, scissors and stamps

Bullet journaling turns scheduling into a creative art, so Mum can use fresh colours and playful decoration to build the perfect planner. Grab a dot grid notebook, some markers to brighten up each page, some washi tape for texture, and Mum will be bullet-journaling in no time.

Check out our Bullet Journals section to find everything you need for a complete present (including the Ryder Carroll book that kicked off the whole bullet journal craze).



A dash of colour

Great as a bullet journal companion, or just paired with a sketchbook, Karst's vibrant Woodless Artist Pencils are perfect for a Mum who loves colour. Made of pure pigment, Karst's pencils are ready to add some dazzling hues to everything from Mum's original designs to a page from a soothing colouring book.

Karst Woodless Artist Pencils standing upright in their storage box in rows of dazzling colour

Their woodless design means less sharpening, which is almost as striking as the fun and functional box that keeps their bright colours on display. These pencils will inspire Mum just by sitting on the desk!

Check out Karst's Woodless Artist Pencils



Tell Mum how you feel

No tribute to Mum is complete without a card that helps show how much you care, and our wonderful range of cards is specially selected to help you express your feelings. The delightfully inclusive Worldly Mums from Carolyn Suzuki is high on our list, while the charming honesty of 1973's Mum Timeline seems like it'll only get more relevant as we get older. 

1973's Mum Timeline card, which features a black and white timeline from birth through to 40+ charting the ups and downs of your relationship with Mum

To complete the perfect present, we're offering FREE gift-wrapping with our gorgeous Studio Milligram Fabric Gift Wraps. Just spend over $50 on Mum* and add our Gift Wrapping Service to your cart, and we'll wrap your present in a stylish, reusable fabric wrap that's almost as impressive as the gift inside.

So whether your Mum gave birth to you, adopted you or you adopted them, say thanks with a thoughtful gift and an even more thoughtful card that shows how much they mean to you. Didn't find the right thing here? Don't worry, we've got an in-depth Gift Finder to help you nail down the perfect present to make Mum's Day – check it out here




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