Wax seals are extremely popular at Milligram. People purchase custom seals with everything from their initials to a meaningful illustration. They then use the wax seals for correspondence, wedding invitations and more. But you can do a lot more with wax seals ... like making chocolate seals!

The Milligram design team spotted this on Instagram and so of course wanted to test it out! After a bit of trial and error, we were making chocolate seals in seconds! So we thought we'd share this tutorial so you could make your own chocolate wax seals - perfect for special events like a baby shower, engagement or wedding. Or just because!

How to make chocolate wax seals

Step 1. Choose your seal! We designed some custom seals and then selected two that we thought would work the best. You can order your own custom wax seal from Milligram.



Step 2. Shop & gather supplies. To create what you can see in this tutorial we used:

  • basic cooking chocolate in buttons
  • pre-made cupcakes
  • cupcake wraps to
  • piping bag
  • baking paper
  • ice
  • saucepan and bowl for melting chocolate over water bath

Step 3. Melt the chocolate in a bowl over a saucepan. You'll then be pouring this into a piping bag once it's melted. At the same time, put your seals on ice. IMPORTANT: If you don't ice your seals, the chocolate will stick to the wax seal.


Step 4. Squeeze out small drops of chocolate onto baking paper (which is ideally on a flat surface like a counter or chopping board). Make a row of 3-4.



Step 5. Allow the chocolate to firm up (cool) a little. Then place the chilled seal on the slightly hardened chocolate and press for only a second. Remove and voila - you have your seal!


Step 6. Allow the chocolate to full harden. Then you can remove from the baking paper easily and use to decorate your cupcakes, plates or anything else that takes your fancy!






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