With less than a week to go til Christmas, Milligram is celebrating the countdown to the festive season with our 12 Days of Gifting, revealing a perfect present each day for you to place under your tree.

For the 3rd Day of Gifting, why not start a love affair with a stationery classic...

A white 3 on a pink-red field fades to reveal a LAMY AL-star gift set in turmaline (inc fountain pen, bottled ink, converter and ink cartridges)


LAMY AL-star Gift Set

Check out this Turmaline dream on Milligram.com

Sure, there are more convenient options, but nothing quite matches the unique feel of writing with a fountain pen. The LAMY AL-star Gift Set is a beautiful introduction to the form, setting up a beginner with everything they need to get the full experience. The aluminium body that gives the AL-star its name is lightweight and graceful, making it a perfect option for seasoned fountain pen fans too. Just add a high-quality notebook to write in, and your loved one is ready to start a new adventure (we have some notebook recommendations to help you get them started). 


We'll be back at 10am tomorrow to find out which gift is next on our list, so be sure to join us for the big reveal!