It's Christmas tomorrow! So for the final day of our 12 Days of Gifting, we thought we'd get you something special...

A white 1 adorned with floral details on a soft peach background fades to reveal a bottle of Bon Parfumeur's 901 Special fragrance (a square, clear bottle with a black cylindrical lid and black label with white text on it)

Bon Parfumeur's 901 Special Eau de Parfum

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The autumnal atmosphere of Bon Parfumeur's Special fragrances merge citrus vitality with more subtle, smoky and spicy notes to create mature, subtle yet confident scents. 901 features nutmeg, almond and patchouli, and is designed to be mixed and matched with other fragrances in Bon Parfumeur's range so your loved one can create their signature scent. 


Thanks for joining us on our 12 Days of Gifting! We hope your friends and family love the gifts you chose them, and that you open something on the day that brings a smile to your face. We're going to enjoy the day off, then we'll see you back at Milligram stores for Boxing Day!