Check out some of our favourite gifts to spoil the one you love

Showing how you really feel with a Valentine’s Day present can be tricky, so we’ve put together some of our favourite romantic gifts to help you tell that special someone just how much you care.

Here you’ll find a selection of our preferred presents to get your special someone swooning, plus we’ve got heaps more to check out at Milligram.

Infinite Love enamel pin from Hello Lucky

Our denim jackets and bags are loaded up with enamel pins of all styles and sizes, giving them a distinct personality as well as an extra dash of colour. The Infinite Love pin’s serpentine design is a perfect addition to any pin-fiend’s collection, with a natural touch that’s tender and romantic.

Check out the Infinite Love enamel pin from Hello Lucky

Seeing Flowers tote bag from Rifle Paper Co.

There are always flowers for those who wish to see them.
– Henri Matisse

The Seeing Flowers tote bag adds an inspirational touch to the humble canvas tote with words of wisdom from Expressionist master Henri Matisse, in an expressive handwritten script. Backed by a vibrant garden of colourful flowers, the Seeing Flowers tote is a charming and functional Valentine’s Day present that will have your loved one smiling all year round.

To Go Tumbler from Kinto

A Kinto To Go Tumbler in black sitting on a desk

Perfect for the caffeine lover in your life, Kinto’s To Go Tumblers are solid and stylish alternatives to single-use coffee cups that make that morning cuppa even more enjoyable. With a lightweight body and minimal lines, this sustainable solution has a sophisticated look to it – dig a little deeper, though, and you’ll discover the double-wall design that helps keep hot drinks hotter for longer.

Available in 240ml and 360ml sizes, the To Go Tumbler is the perfect Valentine’s Day present to remind your sweetheart of you every time they take a sip of sweet, life-giving coffee. What could be romantic?

Check out Kinto’s To Go Tumblers

Lx fountain pen from LAMY

Made with an anodised aluminium, the Lx’s name is pronounced “luxe”, and the feel absolutely lives up to the name. Sleek and modern, the LAMY Lx is an exquisite pen that’s perfect for fountain pen newbies and experienced hands alike. There’s nothing like the graceful swoop of a fountain pen across a page – a deeply romantic experience, that special someone will delight in using the Lx, and you’ll be on their mind every time they pick it up.

Check out the LAMY Lx fountain pen.

Starting Point Set of Blackwing Pencils

If you’re buying for the artistic type, a set of Blackwing’s exquisite pencils make a creative, inspiring Valentine’s Day present. The Starting Point Set covers all the bases, with 4 Blackwing pencils (ranging from Soft graphite to Extra Firm), a handful of replacement erasers, some of Blackwing’s beloved pencil guards and the must-have Blackwing sharpener. Only the Blackwing sharpener treats these premium pencils like they deserve, so keep the dodgy $2 ones from Kmart as far away as possible!

Creative types from all over rave about Blackwing pencils. From legendary authors like Truman Capote to iconic artists and illustrators like Chuck Jones (of Looney Tunes fame), these humble pencils have carved out an enormous fanbase of experts and innovators. Wouldn’t your loved one like to be a part of that legacy?

Check out the Blackwing Starting Point Set